[TYPO3-english] ve_guestbook problem

David Bruchmann typo3-en at bruchmann-web.de
Thu May 21 23:49:08 CEST 2009

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Von:        La Farge Douglas <doug at gcnpublishing.com>
Gesendet:   Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009 23:17:31
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Betreff:    Re: [TYPO3-english] ve_guestbook problem
>> Hi Doug,
>> 1) I think in T3 v.4.2.6 "config.baseURL" is required but did you  
>> try to
>> comment it out?
> I tried this but it breaks a variety of things.  It leaves the page w/ 
> o a base url set.

Yes, I estimated that.
>> 2) Do you work with frames?
>>    Perhaps you've set both:
>>    a) config.baseURL
>>    b) someFrame.config.baseURL
>>    Ok, normally that shouldn't be a problem - but it's an idea only.
> I see nowhere someFrame.config.baseURL is set.  I know the templates  
> very very well and I've never seen that setting.

"someFrame" stands for a page-object (page = PAGE, frame1 = PAGE, 
someFrame=PAGE, ...). My idea was that the both options a) and b) could 
collidate when both are set but forget this - I think it's wasting of 
time to search the fault here.

>> 3) What did you insert as target inside ve_guestbook:
>>    a) path relative to FE-index.php
>>    b) full path with domain
>>    Try to change that
> Where do I find this?  I look in the TScript Object editor for the  
> root template for this plugin and don't see that setting.  IS it in  
> the plugin container? Didn't see it their either. Docs don't describe  
> any of these settings.  I must be missing something...

I looked up the manual and saw the target is set in the plugin-sheet 
"Form", but you can't insert some text but chose a page only, so forget 
my idea at this point too. Only when this option can be set by TS and 
you did that than you can control your setting there.

As last (silly) idea I can imagine that you wrote your domain 
(http://www.oilonline.com/) in a selfdefined template for ve_guestbook. 
If this is the case, delete it from the place where the link is inserted.


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