[TYPO3-english] Comments - pagebrowse extensions: posting comments brings not to the first page

Ecsedi Adrienn ecsedi.adrienn at eflow.hu
Thu May 21 10:48:54 CEST 2009

Hi All!

I am using the Commenting system (comments) on my page with tt_news and
with pagebrowse extension. I checked the "Show last comments first"
option, so now the last comment is on the first page.

Now here comes the problem: when there are a lots of comments, and the
pagebrowse extension appears, I submit a comment, and the system brings me
always to the last page. It doesnt matter that I am on the first page or
the 4th one, it takes the user always to the last page and not where the
new post is (so to the first page).

How can I fix this, please help!


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