[TYPO3-english] BE users access ?

Kenneth Larsen kennethbolarsen at gmail.com
Wed May 20 19:51:55 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Thank you for replying..

*The conclusions and questions so far:
*Due to security issues no BE-user (non-admin) should not be allowed to
access templates setup directly.*
* Is it possible to make an Admin-account and then use TS to remove
(exclude) unwanted modules for this user only ?
( This way it would still be an Admin-account..only with a customized
backend )
*I  tried to make a .t3d file based on the page with all template relations
included - but when importing this .t3d as BE-user...the template and
relations are also dropped ?*

*I tried to install the "Page Template Selector" extension **
* - but im not able to get i to work with T3 4.2.6  - Anyone with info on
this ?
*It is possible to make own extension with all template data...and then
combined with ConstantEditor extension it could give the BE-users access to
choose correct template setup via constants - is this correctly understood ?

I fully understand the security issues regarding BE-users... but i also
think that it makes no sense to hand out a full Admin-account to
new BE editors only because they have to copy pages with defined templates.

As i see it... Typo3 standard is that the BE-users never will be able to
control the template of a new or copied page
( it will then always inherit from parent level instead )
Does this mean that an Admin-account always is needed to make correct new or
copied pages ?



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