[TYPO3-english] Why there is not an " official " online Forum for TYPO3 ?

Georg Ringer mail-spam at ringerge.org
Wed May 20 18:00:17 CEST 2009

Denyer Ec wrote:
> For *me* and it appears others, maillinglists are not the ideal. I
> ONLY use mailling lists for TYPO3 because I have to, every other
> project I am involved with or seek information regarding ultimately
> leads me to a forum.

and I love this way of the newsgroups (which is btw a very old concept) 
because I got everything offline, a powerful offline search, no ads, 
text (and attachments only), fast and not annying.

But still, I understand you!

> Responses
> like "Learn German" 

those don't come from people you should trust! true, many things are in 
german but all docs are in English!

> How about this for a proposition:
> Step 1: Ask for a volunteer community manager and team of people to
> step up, allow them to set up a forum that has a direct link from the
> www.typo3.org frontpage.

why not you! It is always the same damn thing... someone says "this 
would be great" followed by "someone [and not me] should do all the work 
for the things I want.

Do it yourself, search for a team, search for a sponsor and it will be 

Create the forum you want, make a proposal for the interface to the 
newsserver and everything should be fine!

> I'm not bashing the current approaches, I'm one of the people who
> sucked it up, learned how to use maillinglists and is currently
> actually learning German (!!)

so what? German is bad or what do you want to tell me? In many cases it 
is the other way round leading people no choice then to learn English. 
Others learn PHP to get something working

> "Our vision: inspiring people to share"

yeah, it is *your* part to share too! What have you shared until now?
What have *you* done for TYPO3 or the community and is this in any 
relation to what you have gotten so far?

> "Our mission: to jointly innovate excellent free software enabling
> people to communicate"

There is nowhere written that it needs to be a forum but if you want it, 
create it! Noone will be mad at you - really!

> Telling people to learn to use a newsreader or a foreign language to
> me is not so inspirational or enabling :)

Telling people to do things because you need it yourself is also not the 
  part I like


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