[TYPO3-english] BE users access ?

Jill E. Anderson jillande at gmail.com
Wed May 20 15:22:43 CEST 2009

Greetings Kenneth,

> • Is there something I can add in TSConfig to enable the Template module for
> non-admins?
> • Any other solutions to tweak BE users access ?

As work-arounds, I have moved template configuration bits into pages
table fields (author-editable in page properties) and other content
elements where authors can define template values.  For example, each
site has a sysfolder where content elements for template regions are
stored.  This took care of the constant editor part.

Something I hadn't thought years ago when I started learning TYPO3 was
the PHP include abilities of Info/Modify template editing.  There are
definitely people who I could allow template authoring privileges to
but would not trust them to stay away from this ability.  Having
access to templates this way has major security implications, imo.

I still have in mind to get another group involved with making
templates but for now I have accepted that it would be a high effort
to teach graphic designers how to make TYPO3 templates (using only TS
templates, no automake or TV).  My approach to that might be to just
make them administrators on a development/virtual deployment of TYPO3
and migrate their work to production after a security and performance
check.  It's not ideal for getting work done, but is probably in the
best interest of customers and the system.

Another option if you use automaketemplate may be to reference
HTML/CSS files in fileadmin where non-privileged users can upload
files.  Then non-admins could make use of the available markers and
update the layout of templates independently.  Admins would still be
responsible for defining the marks/subparts in the template, but it
might get you partway to where you want to be.


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