[TYPO3-english] dam + dam_ttcontent: images in user home folders are not shown in Image and Text w/ image CE's

Donatas Elvikis elvikis at mathematik.uni-kl.de
Tue May 19 23:18:54 CEST 2009

Dear list,

my configurations is as follows:

PHP 5.2.9, TYPO3 4.2.6 with dam 1.1.1 and dam_ttcontent 1.1.0
other DAM extensions (all in current versions): dam_catedit, dam_index, 
dam_ttnews, dam_filelinks, cc_metaexif, cc_metaexec, cc_txtextexec.

dam configuration:
	web_file = 0
	hideMediaFolder = 1
	mediatag = 1
	htmlAreaBrowser = 1
	devel = 0

dam_ttcontent configuration:
	ctype_image_add_ref = 1
	ctype_image_add_orig_field = 0
	ctype_textpic_add_ref = 1
	ctype_textpic_add_orig_field = 0
	add_css_styled_hook = 1
	add_page_mod_xclass = 1
	add_ws_mod_xclass = 1

DAM: CSS Styled Content (dam_ttcontent) is included in Include static 
(from extensions)

Each user has its home folder mounted under <typo3_root>/users/<uid> and 
corresponding group home folders under <typo3_root>/groups/<gid>

As outlined in subject title, everything seems to work fine except if 
users uploads image to his home folder and uses it in Image or Text w/ 
image content elements. Then image is not shown but its caption is. Any 
other location for file does the job, e.g. if I have a mixture of files 
from user home and from other user accessible locations, then only 
images from user home are not shown.

Could someone help to solve this problem or at least give a hint where 
to look at?


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