[TYPO3-english] Still problems with lighttpd (now isolated to @is_file function call difference in class.t3lib_tstemplate.php line 1163)

Per Baekgaard baekgaard at b4net.dk
Tue May 12 14:09:08 CEST 2009

Continued looking into why Typo3 works fine here under Apache but not
under LightTPD.

It appears that the difference between a working apache installation and
one with lightttpd is as follows:

getFileName (in class.t3lib_tstemplate.php) gets called from
class.tslib_pagegen.php (in function getIncFiles) for each file to include.

In my setup, it is called for each of the following (existing) files:


As part of the getFileName call, @is_file gets called with the filenames
above (line 1163) to verify that the file exists.

When called from within Apache, @is_file returns true for all of these,
and the files gets included.

However, when called from within LightTPD, the first two returns false
and only the last one gets included!?

I don't have the faintest idea on why this happens. The files clearly
exists and can be accessed by the process.

Anyone have any hints on what is going on here?

There may be further differences also in the execution afterwards, but I
guess the ones above needs to be fixed first -- and maybe resolves the

Thanks in advance for any hints,

-- Per.

Per Baekgaard wrote:
> Spend a bit more time investigating this.
> By enabling a trace and comparing an apache trace (that works) and one
> from lightTPD (which fails), they are identical up until the point where
> they apparently try to locate the actual file.
> In getFileName in class.t3lib_tstemplate.php, there is a test like this:
>                if (@is_file($this->getFileName_backPath.$file))    {
> (line 1163 in the 4.2.6 version).
> In Apache, this evaluates true and the file is properly returned and
> processed, but in lightTPD it appears to evaluate false and no file is
> found.
> So apparently something is wrong with the file here and it simply cannot
> locate the right one(s).
> How do I enable logging from T3? There are some setTSlogMessage
> statements that could help to provide a clue here, it looks.
> -- Per.
> Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Per Baekgaard wrote:
>>> But if I clear the cache and reload the page, with lighttpd rebuilding
>>> it, it is "empty"... the header part is correct, but the <body> ...
>>> </body> part is completely lacking. The tags are there, but nothing else
>>> in between the tags(!).
>> A typical case when you do not have "CSS styled content" in the list of TS templates. Check it.
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