[TYPO3-english] Class or modern icon set with mm_forum?

David Bruchmann typo3-en at bruchmann-web.de
Sat May 9 15:15:51 CEST 2009

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Betreff:    Re: [TYPO3-english] Class or modern icon set with mm_forum?
>>> hey All,
>>> I am trying to use the modern icon set, but I
>>> have a hard time understanding how this works.
>>> Tjis is what the manual states
>>> "As of version 0.1.6, you can switch between classic and modern topic
>>> icons. The classic icons are identical with those used in the  
>>> previous
>>> versions of the mm_forum extension. The modern icons by default
>>> consist of an „icon map“ and are configured by a TypoScript template
>>> located in plugin.tx_mmforum_pi1.topicIcon. The necessary topic
>>> parameters are stored in the data array of the content object
>>> (accessible for example by stdWrap.field). There are the following
>>> fields:"
>>> is it correct that the new modern icons are not in mm_forum and  
>>> that I
>>> need to supply them myself?
>>> The reson for asking is that if I use the modern set I just get white
>>> images and no icon is shown.
>>> Ries
>> Hy Ries,
>> browse the constant-editor for "PLUGIN.MM_FORUM - FILE PATHS", there  
>> you
>> can change the directory for images.
>> Furthermore you can set the path for each single image in "TypoScript
>> Object Browser" => plugin.tx_mmforum_pi1.topicIcon.file.[1-40].file.
>> In plugin.tx_mmforum_pi1.images you can set a lot of imagenames, to
>> change the default names which should be fetched from the configured
>> image-folder.
>> Look for your version of mm_forum, current version is 0.1.7.
>> I had to download this version manually form TER because the
>> extension-manager didn't found the actual version.
>> Regards
>> David
> hey David,
> I will some more checking... I triple checked the directory paths to  
> the images
> folder (I moved the res directory over to fileadmin).
> When switch to classic mode all my images show up, when I use modern
> then it's nothing, just the white blocks. I did found one bug in the  
> pi1 extension
> in regards to this, but I did see in SVN that problem was already  
> solved.
> I know about the extension manager often gives the wrong version  
> number (happens
> often right after installation) and I know for sure I have 0.1.7  
> installed.
> I think I will do some constructive debugging on my dev system :(
> I have seen numerous other people with this problem to, so I am nto  
> alone :)
> 			regards, Ries van Twisk

Hy Ries,

I remarked an obscurance that might concern your problem too:

in constant-editor or in mm_manager you can set an own template-set.
This is a copie of the folder ext/mm_forum/res/template and saved in 

I changed the CSS there through mm_manager but didn't suceed because the 
template is searched for in folder ext/mm_forum/res/template too.
So I copied the content of folder to ext/mm_forum/res/template.
Afterwards my CSS was found.
It's buggy to have the same folder two times in different places but it 

Perhaps it works for the pics too.

Best Regards

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