[TYPO3-english] Section Menu of Current page using Typoscript

Walrick lists at globalhealingcircle.net
Thu May 7 09:40:25 CEST 2009

What I'm using at the moment is based on a text document I found from
Ben van 't Ende which gave TS for all the different menu's in the
menu/sitemap content element.


	30 < styles.content.get
	30 {
		stdWrap.wrap = <tr><th>On this Page:</th></tr><tr><td
class="align-left"><ul class="csc-menu csc-menu-3">|</ul></td></tr>
		select.andWhere = sectionIndex!=0
		select.pidInList.override.field = pages
		renderObj = TEXT
		renderObj {
			noBlur = 1
			fieldRequired = header
			field = header
			htmlSpecialChars = 1
			wrap = <li class="csc-section">|</li>
			typolink.parameter.field = pid
			typolink.section.field = uid
		stdWrap.if.isTrue.numRows {
			table = tt_content
			select	{
				where = sectionIndex!=0
				andWhere = colPos =0
				andWhere = hidden =0
				pidInList = this
				pidInList.override.field = pages

It's part of a COA which in total forms a table, hence the 30 and the wrap.
The if-condition is used to make sure the whole thing only gets rendered
if there's anything in it.

Quite a bit more code then the simple HMENU with sectionIndex = 1.


Walrick wrote:
> Hello Joey,
> JoH asenau wrote:
>> And it is possible and working, as I found out after testing it with one of
>> our sites.
>> Maybe I should have read my signature before posting ;-)
>> So: Yes it works and your code seems to be correct.
> Then why is not working on my site? I just tried it again and it doesn't
> do anything.
> Whereas (for testing) a content element type Sitemap which produces a
> similar index does work. (So there is content which should be visible.)
> Did you copy/paste my code and use that? (apart from the temp.PreContent)
> Regards,
> Walrick

webmaster Global Healing Circle

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