[TYPO3-english] More than one sysfolder containing fe_users

Jeppe Donslund jd at webmasters.dk
Tue May 5 15:27:06 CEST 2009

Yes, fe_users.pid = 89,103 does not work.

Should it?


Tyler Kraft skrev:
> Have you tried a common separated list of PIDs?
> Jeppe Donslund wrote:
>> Is it possible to have more than one sysfolder containing fe_users?
>> In constants I have defined the pid for my fe_users. But I would like 
>> to  split my users up in two different sysfolders because I wants to 
>> give different backend users access to the different fe_user groups.
>> But how do I tell TYPO3 that the fe_users are split up?
>> Regards
>> Jeppe D

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