[TYPO3-english] Auto-formatting HTML in RTE in "Toggle HTML Source" view to make it readable

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Thu Jun 25 21:57:17 CEST 2009

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Sergii Khomenko skrev:
> Erik, thanks for you input.
> I agree, you can tune rte to perfection, but if it was an ideal world and no
> cases for html face-to-face meetings :)
> This is something really nice to have.
> Is there a wishlist for htmlarea that we could add this nice to have
> feature?
> Sergii
> 2009/6/24 Erik Svendsen <erik at linnearad.no>
>> Sergii Khomenko skrev:
>>> Hi List!
>>> A lot of content that entered into the system via RTE from time to time
>>> needs to be tweaked in html to make it look perfect. However it is not
>>> really easy to do in "Toggle HTML Source" view since RTE doesn't format
>> the
>>> html, it just optimizes it cropping out all line breaks and spaces which
>>> makes it difficult for people to analyze. This topic has been brought up
>>> number of times by content managers.
>>> I am wondering if there is an extension (hacks, workarounds) to make RTE
>>> auto-format html so that it is easy to analyze for human?
>>> Thank you in advance!
>>> Sergii
>> You have the possibility to finetune htmlArea to nearly perfection. Some
>> example:
>> * You can configure htmlArea to clean out every not wanted tag, style
>> and attribute when copying in text from Word, OpenOffice etc. The
>> result, clean HTML, somehow easy to read, but not perfect.
>> * You can remap tags if necessary
>> * You can make necessary block styles, text styles to give editors
>> exactly the level of control they need. Controll
>> I haven't found any solutions to get the html in easy readable format.
>> If you finetune htmlArea, the editors probably never has to use the
>> Toogle HTML Source, and every content element will look like it should.
>> Regards
>> Erik
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