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Hi Siva,
Creating a backend user in TYPO3 means you need to create a record in the be_users table. You can read the online API documentation here:


You should use the TYPO3 API functionality itself, or if that's impossible duplicate the exact functionality from the TYPO3 core in your script.

Other than that: wat exactly are you trying to accomplish? I would advise any developer who is new to TYPO3 not to fiddle with core functionality at all, unless you know exactly what you're doing (and why) and you're very consciously willing to accept the risks involved.

Good luck!

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I installed TYPO3 Ver. 4.1.6 on my windows 2003 server and i am able to
check all the functionalities provided in that through the documents
provided in the web site.

But, as i am new to this typo3 application i am unable to find the way to
create a user in typo3 using external php script.

Please suggest me a solution or please send me some pointers to acheive my

Thanks in advance.

Siva Pokuri.
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