[TYPO3-english] Spacers and other beginner questions

Marian Schedenig m.sched at gmx.at
Wed Jun 24 00:07:42 CEST 2009

Jigal van Hemert wrote:

> I first tried this piece of code before posting it, so I know for
> certain that it works.
> These spacer pages don't happen to have the "Hide" option activated?

They're not hidden, and I can't find any other restrictions on the spacer 
pages, either.

Here's the part of my menu where I've been trying out spacers:

+-[] Personal (entry level 0)
. +- ^v Separator
. +- [] Personal (entry level 1)
. .  |- [] Others (entry level 2)
  .  |- [] Music
  .  |- ^v Separator
  .  |- [] Computers 

It's a bit of a confused architecture for now, as the whole thing is still 
very much under construction. Before discovering spacers, I used a 3-level 
hierarchy to organise entries below the top level in groups, and at the 
moment this is mixed with the attempt to get spacers running.

Here's the part of the template setup, also still under construction 
(obviously, once spacers work, I'll get rid of the third level):

  lib.subMenu = HMENU
  lib.subMenu.entryLevel = 1

  lib.subMenu.1 = TMENU
  lib.subMenu.1.expAll = 1
  lib.subMenu.1.NO {
	allWrap = <h1>|</h1>
	doNotLinkIt = 1

  lib.submenu.1.SPC = 1
  lib.submenu.1.SPC {
    wrapItemAndSub = <h1>|</h1>
    stdWrap.field = title

  lib.subMenu.2 = TMENU
  lib.subMenu.2.wrap = <table class="level2">|</table><div 
  lib.subMenu.2.NO {
	allWrap = <tr><td>&rsaquo;&nbsp;</td><td>|</td></tr>

  lib.subMenu.2.ACT = 1
  lib.subMenu.2.ACT {
	allWrap = <tr><td><b>&rsaquo;</b>&nbsp;</td><td><b>|</b></td></tr>

  lib.submenu.2.SPC = 1
  lib.submenu.2.SPC {
    wrapItemAndSub = <tr><td colspan="2"><b>|</b></td></tr>
    stdWrap.field = title

Here's what it produces for the upper part of the menu:

<table class="level2">
    <td><a href="others/" onfocus="blurLink(this);">Others</a></td>
    <td><a href="music/" onfocus="blurLink(this);">Music</a></td>
    <td><a href="computers/" onfocus="blurLink(this);">Computers</a></td>

No trace of the spacers.

>> I suppose the correct way to do it is to put a stdWrap around the
>> ###GUESTBOOK_SURNAME### field (either that, or create a new field with
>> ###the
>> link stdWrapped around the content of ###GUESTBOOK_SURNAME###) in my
>> site's template setup - what I don't know is how I can do that. :)
> I took a quick look in the ve_guestbook code, but it has no support for
> a stdWrap on GUESTBOOK_SURNAME (and many other fields). There are some
> fields with stdWrap support, but for some reason the other hasn't done
> that for all markers.

So I take it there's no "outside" way to define these placeholders (is there 
an official term for the ###fields###?).

> You can always contact the author and ask him to add this (it's actually
> very little work and in my opinion it's something an extension author
> should provide on all fields)

I guess I could dig into the Typoscript myself and see if I can come up with 
a patch. Not a bad exercise I suppose, I was just hoping this could be done 
without depending on ve_guestbook internals.


Hofstadter's law: "It always takes longer than you think,
even when you take account of Hofstadter's law".

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