[TYPO3-english] evil persistent "no_cache"

Rupert Germann rupi at gmx.li
Wed Jun 17 16:02:34 CEST 2009

Marcel Remmy wrote:
> if i disableNoCacheParameter the no_cache goes like ' ' and that looks ok.
> So my init question remains:
> could i look for more than '*_INT / no_cache=1' in ts setup and
> filesystem that keeps the system from running with sane caching?

you mentioned that you use realurl. Realurl can cause tslib_fe to disable
caching due to cHash mismatches.
How to check:
- disable realurl and look to the admin panels no_cache output. If it still
says no_cache: 1 than another extension seems to be the culprit.
- enable the first 4 checkboxes in section "TypoScript" in the admin panel
(escpecially "Display messages:"). Now you should see if caching was
disabled by a cHash error.


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