[TYPO3-english] Anyone know a great course extension?

Ulrik H. Kold uk at oerskov.dk
Mon Jun 15 13:40:39 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I would like to know if anybody knows of a good ("no, no, great!") 
extension to manage courses and the registrations for the courses?

My needs are pretty simple:

* create courses on a specific date (or dates), e.g. 05. june 2009 or 
[05-09] may 2010
* Allow front-end users to register one or more participants for these 
courses (e.g. User Foo registers Bar and Baz as participants)
* Output a front-end list of participants for a course, e.g. the list of 
participants for course of 05 june 2009 shows that Bar and Baz will 
* A course can have a limited number of participants - and will not be 
shown online after the limit has been reached.

Do you know of a course/registration extension which can do some or all 
of this?


Ulrik H. Kold
Ørskov Web - http://www.oerskovweb.dk

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