[TYPO3-english] this->conf problem in HMENU

Tonix (Antonio Nati) tonix at interazioni.it
Mon Jun 15 12:57:48 CEST 2009

I'm trying to understand how HMENU "conf" works with custom functions, 
but I'm looping around and around.

I 've this TS configuration:

     10 = HMENU
     10 {
      special = userfunction
      special {
         userFunc = my_class->my_start
         displayPage = 200

      1 = TMENU
      1 {
        itemArrayProcFunc = my_class->my_array
        expAll = 1

In my_start function, I can access displayPid parameter with this statement:
       $my_Pid = $conf['displayPage']

After this, within the same start funcion, I'm starting a menu building 
loop, and I'trying to access the expAll parameter in TMENU 1.
I'm trying every possible combination: $this->conf, $this-mconf, parent, 
grandmother, but it does not work, and documentation is absolutely unclear.

Can anyone explain me how to access it?



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