[TYPO3-english] Meta data (keyword, description etc) recursive?

Ecsedi Adrienn ecsedi.adrienn at eflow.hu
Thu Jun 11 09:39:17 CEST 2009


Insert this code into your Typo template setup field:

page.meta.keywords = here are the keywords
page.meta.keywords.override.field = keywords

page.meta.description = here is the description
page.meta.description.override.field = description

If you set this in your root level, every page will get these meta
options. You can still set different metas on the pages, they will work.

Hope this helps you.


> Hi,
> Is it possible fetch data from a field from the root of the pagetree, if
> it
> isn't set on the page you  are on?
> Ex. I have a client using the metadata fields (keyword, description) but
> haven't entered data on every single page, so i would like to fetch the
> data
> from the parent page or the root of the page tree.
> How can I make this possible?
> Regards,
> S?ren

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