[TYPO3-english] Typo3: A solid German car?

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Wed Jun 10 09:34:46 CEST 2009

Hi everybody

Have you seen TYPO3? hmm. Where is it?

Well - if you are inside of something really big which is so vital like
TYPO3 since 2002 than you probably can't see TYPO3 anymore as TYPO3 is all
around you ;-) I haven't seen a more lively CMS like this since years!

Well Joomla - OK no problem take it as you will create lots of future
customers of TYPO3! Thailand is Joomla world and we get lots of converts
meanwhile because people don't like this fixed Box called Joomla. Yeah and
Drupal - its nice but try to change templates and compare it i.e. with the
easiness to create a site with Greg's Microsites, WEC_starterPackage,
Quicksite or T3Pack. Our customers are up and running in no time if they
want and they still stay as flexible as all other TYPO3 sites.

TYPO3 is dead (has no King) - well - we have one King and this since over
2000 years and this is great! We don't need anotherone, so why worrying
about Kaspar who did a great Job! TYPO3 donn't need a king - have a look to
other CMS and look especially to the quality of resoponses in Developer
Mailinglists and Forum Threads. You won't find something better than here at

TYPO3 is German? Well Kaspar is Danish, Virgil comes from US, Georg is a
real Austrian, Joh is coming from Germany, Dmitry is from Lituania, We have
people from Maroc, from France, from Switzerland, and lots and lots of
people in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and more and more in Thailand - By The
Way comparing TYPO3 with a German car is really not good. They are much to
expensive, get rusty much sooner than any other and often people in those
"German Cars" feel often quite Bossy even they run the car outside of
Germany. TYPO3 is more like the TATA from India which will get manufactured
in Thailand based on an India from France and running with the most Open
Resource at all - AIR! TYPO3 is breathing and producing lots of output -
have only a look to the daily extension list. You will find no other CMS
with such a high update and upgrade history in Extensions. Check also out
the security - http://secure.t3sec.info/comparison/ - ...

So lets join the Party J.Boye - meet the community on one of their next
events. T3Dive, T3sailing, Conference, Usergroups, and more and more.



On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 6:23 AM, Virgil Huston <vh at acqal.com> wrote:

> I think just the number of responses in this thread shows that TYPO3 is far
> from dead :-)
> Virgil
> On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 6:41 PM, Tolleiv Nietsch <info at tolleiv.de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > could you please explain what your knowledge about TYPO3 is? How long
> > did you use it, what type of projects did you implement with it? Are you
> > involved in the community (submit bugs etc..?) at all? Are you involved
> > into any other Open-Source software communities? What's your
> > Web-experience? What's your background?
> > It seems that you've only very little knowledge about what's going on
> > within the project itself and therefore it would really be nice to get
> > an idea what your "perspective" on TYPO3 is.
> >
> > In my opinion some of your points might be right, but the way how you
> > bring them up is not correct at all (check "facts" before you bring them
> > up). Btw do you really get articles with such an bad quality onto
> > cmswatch.com?
> >
> > Imho there's only one thing the community can learn from your post,
> > that's how people (non-developers?) recognize TYPO3.
> >
> > Btw. it's TYPO3 not Typo3 - the fact that you wrote it this way might
> > also be a reason why community members react a bit hot-headed ;)
> >
> > Regards,
> > Tolleiv
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