[TYPO3-english] typo3temp on 4.2 - major problem

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Wed Jun 10 00:04:24 CEST 2009

La Farge Douglas skrev:
> I tried deleting 1000 files from typo3temp with the install tool. No 
> files were deleted.
> These files vary - on one site there's a bazillion (OK maybe only 
> 100,000) *.js files.
> Yeah, we're gonna try and delete from the shell and hope we don't break 
> something. tarballing the dir first though...
> still... why are these files building up?  That ain't cool.
> doug

Deleting all files in typo3temp shouldn't break anything. I never copy 
typo3temp when I move sites and it doesn't break anything. Neither are 
my typo3temp folders backed up. They shall not have any uniq content.

But give us some name and placement of the files, then it should be 
possible to track down the problem.



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