[TYPO3-english] Displaying HMENU with its pagecontent header data

Lim Chivy lim.chivy at yejj.com
Tue Jun 9 08:48:04 CEST 2009

JoH asenau wrote:
>> I want to display Menu from the header of page content element.
>> I appreciate it if you can solve this for me.
> Where do you want to display this menu and how do you want to apply it?
> Usually this kind of menu is called "section index" and could be inserted as
> a type of the content element "menu/sitemap" (which is already available)
> You could create something similiar with TypoScript and replace a marker of
> your template with it ...
> etc. pp.
> So what's it gonna be?
> Joey
Hello Joey,

This is some information and what I need to display:
     - There is only one page
     - Add serveral pagecontent (type: Image, Header: this will display 
in menu that I need)

Problem: Need to display menu which retrieve from Header of each 

Thanks for your considering.



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