[TYPO3-english] Bug in TMENU with HMENU special=directory?

Andreas Burg typo3 at andreasburg.de
Mon Jun 8 02:35:34 CEST 2009


> What I do for these later is to create an "Intranet" mount page in each 
> website whose target is the sysfolder containing my shared pages. Why 
> would I create a a shortcut? I mean, perhaps it works, OK, but a 
> sysfolder is a repository for some stuff and my stuff are pages in this 
> case. Why would I use a shortcut page or even a standard page? Logically 
> it does not make sense to me.

perhaps it's because every webpage needs a rootline, and if you create a pagetree within a 
sysfolder, there is no rootline because the sysfolder cuts it of. By using a mountpoint later, you 
complete this missing rootline.


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