[TYPO3-english] Templavoila does not work again

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Sat Jun 6 22:17:39 CEST 2009

Ries van Twisk skrev:

> I don't think that Vahan is unreasonable here.

Read some of the treads, and maybe you understand Dmitry better.

They indicate that he is working on a really large and in some instance 
complex website. When you are moving to that leauge, paid support are 
the natural way.

>> A short check on your website shows a lot of bad coding style and no
>> optimaliation.
> So what does that say???

Larger possibilites for errors? Lack of knowlegde of TYPO3?

>>> When TV did not work this time it was "simulatebe" ext. 
>> It doesn't make any conflict with TV on one of my test installations.
>> Personally have I used TV for 5 years and never had conflicts between TV
>> and other extensions (besides the conficts listed in TV).
>> And yes there are such conflicts, but mainly because of use of xclasses
>> in other extensions. Use of xclasses are "bad" coding behavior. TV is as
>> far as I can read the code, one of the cleaner extensions in TER and
>> don't use xclasses.
> Classes are bad, but they are part of TYPO3... right? Does that make 
> TYPO3 bad?
> Apparently XCLASS is part of TYPO3 standard, if we like it or not...
> Don't blame extensions for using using xlassing when TYPO3 has support 
> for it.

None of these extensions use xclassing, so its not the problem here.

Yes, xclassing are a part of TYPO3, but regardless that it should be 
avoided. Personally I try to avoid any extensions which uses xclasses, 
because you can be 100 % sure that it breaks sometimes in the future.

>> My problems with TV is mostly regarded to XML parsing problems and
>> conflicts regarding not using utf-8 on the whole website and/or specific
>> Norwegian characters. Then it happends that the saved mappings get lost.
>>  To be correct, they are there, but they are impossible to render.
> hint: make your template in english....

I don't make all the templates (not 50 % of them), and this isn't only a 
HTML-template problem. It's was also a problem in the XML-parser, wrong 
configuration of database and so on.

I have been aware of the problem since I started using TV 5 years ago, 
but's often some errors slip through.

On nearly 40 websites I have had these problems 4 - 5 times, and I know why.

> simulatebe needs to be added to the list of conflicting extensions...
> I hope dmitry has a spare 5 minutes to do that one of these days....

As stated before, it doesn't make any conflict in my tests. Before 
simulatebe can be added to any list, it has to be checked a lot more.

In which order the extensions are loaded could also be the problem.

>> And there are a problem with comments like this in TER. Very much of the
>> comments will probably be wrong.
> Why would that be?? People can comment on them, right?

People will probably make comments without doing a proper investigation 
of the problem. I never file a bug or gives comments like this unless I 
have had the ecaxt samme error on 3 different installation.

For instance, the use of simulatebe indicates the use of frontend 
editing. And there are extensions which are making the frontende editing 
  better, and most of them has the possibilities with wrong 
configuration to break TV.

If something like this is going to work, the comments has to be 
moderated and commented by the author. Personally I want them to fix bugs.

Best Erik.

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