[TYPO3-english] <del> tag in rte

Horn Gábor gabor at h3online.hu
Sat Jun 6 18:44:15 CEST 2009

Just for future reference i solved it after founding a post in the ML 
from 2007, here is the solution in case sy else misses it as i did ;)

"in the constants section of your template (NOT Page TSConfig!) make 
sure that del and ins are present in the constant 
styles.content.links.allowTags. By default they are not"

thanks to Uschi Renziehausen for the solution.

Horn Gábor írta:
> Hello,
> i have some problems with the <del> tag in the rte. In the backend the 
> editor accepts it (it doesn't get removed when i save, and also when i'm 
> not in html source view it renders it properly, so the text inside the 
> <del> and </del> tags are correctly "striked"), however in the frontend 
> i see the html tags rendered so <del>something</del>, and in the fe html 
> source i see this (it's in a table cell):
> <td><p class="bodytext">&lt;del&gt;something&lt;/del&gt;</p></td>
> anybody has an idea pls how to get it working properly in the fe as well?
> thanks, Gábor Horn

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