[TYPO3-english] <del> tag in rte

Horn Gábor gabor at h3online.hu
Thu Jun 4 11:05:23 CEST 2009


i have some problems with the <del> tag in the rte. In the backend the 
editor accepts it (it doesn't get removed when i save, and also when i'm 
not in html source view it renders it properly, so the text inside the 
<del> and </del> tags are correctly "striked"), however in the frontend 
i see the html tags rendered so <del>something</del>, and in the fe html 
source i see this (it's in a table cell):

<td><p class="bodytext">&lt;del&gt;something&lt;/del&gt;</p></td>

anybody has an idea pls how to get it working properly in the fe as well?

thanks, Gábor Horn

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