[TYPO3-english] folders segregation for multidomain installation

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Sat Jun 6 13:27:52 CEST 2009

Sergii Khomenko skrev:

> Hi Colleagues!
> I am working on a multidomain/multilanguage typo3 installation and thinking
> about segregation content folders for each domain. In standard typo3
> installation we have the following folder structure:
>    - fileadmin
>    - typo3_src
>    - typo3conf
>    - typo3temp
>    - uploads
> The ones I am talking about are fileadmin/ and uploads/. It would be really
> nice not to mix together file content of different domains/sites and keep
> the contetn in separate uploads/ and fileadmin/ folders. Ideally new
> multdomain folder structure would look like this:
>    - domain1
>       - fileadmin
>       - uploads
>    - domain2
>       - fileadmin
>       - uploads
>       - typo3_src

typo3_src is a symlink to the core files and not a folder. You can only 
have one in one installation.

Most of the uploads folders (it has a lot of subfolders) is specific for 
extensions. These are folders created when installing an extension. 
Therefore is it possible only to have one uploads folder at root level. 
Of course it's possible to do it, if you want to recode both part of 
core and nearly every extensions.

Remember that the only content in fileadmin and uploads are images  and 
files. No other type of content are there.

>    - typo3conf
>    - typo3temp
> and then associate each content folder via typoscript for example with root
> page of each site, in other words tell typo3 use new folder structure as
> smoothly as it uses the current one.

I don't think this is possible

> Has anyone done this before?
> Thank you for help.
> Sergii

David's solution i a good one and working well. I have some multidomain 
installations and using this solutions on everyone of them.

For the rest, TYPO3 itself manages the multidomain perfect.

You should also look at DAM for managing images and files.

Best Erik

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