[TYPO3-english] folders segregation for multidomain installation

Philipp Gampe phil at philippgampe.info
Fri Jun 5 21:44:44 CEST 2009


as far as I remember there was a setting in Install Tool (all  
confguration) which allowed to set a different path for fileadmin
I dont know if there is a setting for uploads, though

the config file is a php file, so you could add some php side stuff to  
determine the domain and set the variable as you need

anyway, the answer in the previous post is proberly much easier to handle

Am 05.06.2009, 20:37 Uhr, schrieb Sergii Khomenko  
<sergii at nmediasystems.com>:

> Ideally new
> multdomain folder structure would look like this:
>    - domain1
>       - fileadmin
>       - uploads
>    - domain2
>       - fileadmin
>       - uploads
>       - typo3_src
>    - typo3conf
>    - typo3temp
> and then associate each content folder via typoscript for example with  
> root
> page of each site, in other words tell typo3 use new folder structure as
> smoothly as it uses the current one.
> Has anyone done this before?
> Thank you for help.
> Sergii

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