[TYPO3-english] Help - fatal error dam.ext

Kim Holberg Andersen kim at crewcut.dk
Fri Jun 5 23:53:23 CEST 2009

Hi Jörg,

That solved the problem - i am in BE again.

The reason for deleting DAM was, that tinymce_rte does not work with 
DAM, apparently because htmlArea RTE is hardcoded to DAM (ref: Peter 
Klein). How this could be changed i do not know.

Thanks for your help...:-)


Kim Holberg Andersen

> So it seems as if you can for the moment either use t3blog (with dam 
> enabled) OR use tinymce_rte (with dam disabled).
> If you could investigate the problems, maybe one of the developers could fix 
> them...
> Jörg 

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