[TYPO3-english] Help - fatal error dam.ext

Jörg Klein joerg at klein-family.com
Fri Jun 5 23:42:42 CEST 2009

>> Ok, doing a search (BBedit) found this line:
>>  'tx_t3blog_avatar' => txdam_getMediaTCA('image_field', 
>> 'tx_t3blog_avatar'),
>> Thanks for your help - what to do next?
> Hmm, if you also delete t3blog from the extension-list, does it work again 
> then?

As you can see here, t3blog depends on dam:

So it seems as if you can for the moment either use t3blog (with dam 
enabled) OR use tinymce_rte (with dam disabled).

If you could investigate the problems, maybe one of the developers could fix 


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