[TYPO3-english] tx_comments

iop.post iop.post at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 5 19:36:29 CEST 2009

ok, there it is, i found it in the constant editor. but nothing changed. 
perhaps its really not possible to do something i wish the easy, newbie, 
standard way...
..so i'll try something else first... nevertheless thank you all!

> storagePid is either a setting in your extention configuration (EXT  
> Manager)
> oder can be set by constand editor (template
>> Hey,
>> thank you both for answering!
>>>    1. Re: tx_comments (S?ren Malling)
>>> Did you have a look at the configuration setting "storagePid"?
>> I can't find this variable - where is it to be? ..but anyway the  
>> comments are stored on the right page. I can see it, only the listPage  
>> doesn't seem to see them...
>> When I use form and listing on the same page everything is alright.

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