[TYPO3-english] typo3 deployment between Test and LiveEnvironment

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Wed Jun 3 13:12:01 CEST 2009

Manuel Schmidt skrev:
> I try to keep the Servers as close as possible to each other. Both run FreeBSD 7.1 and i only install stable stuff from (official) Ports.
> Maybe my Problem is just in my head. I guess i would simply just create a project in eclipse, based on the dummy, and link Typo sources into the docroot. Then i could just deploy/copy using eclipse to one of the servers, and test stuff / live stuff.
> Guess i would just have to do, and not solve not existing problems. Ist just i want to avoid common mistakes, which was the reason i asked here.
> Thanks
If you don't need to develop a lot of extensions I don't see any need 
for the use of eclipse. Moving a TYPO3 website from one server to 
another is mostly a easy jobb which takes about 1 - 3 hours. As long as 
the settings for the database and IM/GM are more and less identical.

I have moved from Fedora to Debian, to OpenSuse, to Ubuntu, to RedHat 
and vice versa without problems. I only dump the database, tar the 
necessary files, moves them and import the database and do some small 
corrections - and the new site is up running.

Credentials outside the webroot are no problem either.

Mostly I develop all sites from a "standard" TYPO3 site. It's a site 
which is preconfigured with nearly everything, most used extensions, 
necessary TypoScript and stuff thats easy to configure through Constants.

Best Erik

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