[TYPO3-english] typo3 deployment between Test and LiveEnvironment

Manuel Schmidt manuel.schmidt at aviconet.de
Tue Jun 2 17:19:13 CEST 2009

I try to keep the Servers as close as possible to each other. Both run FreeBSD 7.1 and i only install stable stuff from (official) Ports.

Maybe my Problem is just in my head. I guess i would simply just create a project in eclipse, based on the dummy, and link Typo sources into the docroot. Then i could just deploy/copy using eclipse to one of the servers, and test stuff / live stuff.

Guess i would just have to do, and not solve not existing problems. Ist just i want to avoid common mistakes, which was the reason i asked here.


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Hi Manuel
What is the difference between your live and your dev server?

We are working with an "outsourced" config file from localconf.php. actually
one config file for the database settings and 2 others for imagemagick (as
the settings differ from server to server and another with standard settings
which are all the same on the servers.

Finally only the extension settings which we install not in all sites are
actually standing in the localconf. This is pretty fine, and also saver as
those config files recide on the same level like htdocs. below webroot and
not accessible from outside.

There is a pretty good tutorial :




2009/6/2 Manuel Schmidt <manuel.schmidt at aviconet.de>

> Hello
> I am in the process of setting up alot of typo3 page in the near future. At
> least i hope so ....
> What bothers me though: How do you guys differentiate between your dev
> environment and the live Version? I have looked into using eclipse for
> development as i hope it will give me (and my teammate) the right tools to
> easily deploy stuff. But there are tons of different Solutions all of which
> i dont want to try out. How do you guys do that? Am i too paranoid to want a
> Test and a Live Server?
> Where can eclipse help me there and what documentation did i have not yet
> found that could help me get going?
> Thank you for any ideas!
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