[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch: compiling + installing search engine no /opt/ directory created?

Giannis Economou gecon at di.uoa.gr
Fri Feb 27 11:09:19 CET 2009

The provider (having root access) should complile (and install) the 
mnogosearch for you. If this is possible, you can ask the provider to do 
the installation in /opt server directory. Having the installation in 
/opt in not necessary, but it suits quite well as a tested and default 
mnogosearch+typo3 place.

The provider might also be tempted to install mnogosearch into the 
server without compiling (but by using already existing mnogosearch 
packages for the distro you are using), but I wouldn't suggest to go 
with the packages, because from what I've seen until today mnogosearch 
packaged installations do not place all mnogosearch files into one 
directory (like /opt). It can work, but for me things were much simpler 
by having mnogosearch into a single tree.

Besides the above, you can also compile and install mnogosearch without 
contacting your provider. The installation will go into a single 
directory into your home directory (like ~/my_mnogosearch). To do this 
you have to change some paths in the configuration/compilation/install 

Have in mind that besides mnogosearch, you will also need the 
mnogosearch extension for your php for having mnogosearch work in typo3. 
This is something that your provider should take care (it needs root 
access), if you don't have it already.

Giannis Economou

grac wrote:
> @dmitry
> Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
>>> it seems as if i have no rights (i'm on a shared webserver).
>> You have to ask your provider to do it.
> just to make sure i understand exactly what you mean:
> in the directory
> #(root)/usr/local/
> the provider should create a new directory
> /opt/
> and a subdirectory
> /mnogosearch/?
> or am i mistaken?
> does the directory
> /opt/
> have to be directly in
> #(root)/?
>> Alternatively you can compile it into your home directory (replace "/opt/mnogosearch" with your home path) but than you will have to adjust some other places where this path is used.
> i tried this one, but with no different result than before
> thanks for your further help
> stephan

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