[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch: compiling + installing search engine no /opt/ directory created?

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Fri Feb 27 11:27:27 CET 2009


Giannis Economou wrote:
> The provider might also be tempted to install mnogosearch into the
> server without compiling (but by using already existing mnogosearch
> packages for the distro you are using), but I wouldn't suggest to go
> with the packages, because from what I've seen until today mnogosearch
> packaged installations do not place all mnogosearch files into one
> directory (like /opt). It can work, but for me things were much simpler
> by having mnogosearch into a single tree.

I also many outdated mnogosearch packages. TYPO3 requires 3.3.6 as the minimum + PHP extension for this version.

Dmitry Dulepov
TYPO3 core team
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