[TYPO3-english] Group users and tt_news articles

Sergio scatala at iti.upv.es
Thu Feb 26 15:04:47 CET 2009

> Sergio wrote:
> The problem is: articles disappear from the LIST tt_news plugin if no
> one is logged in.
> I just want they to show up. I want the articles disappear only on
> SINGLE plugin.
> Maybe this could help you a bit:
> Create two categories for the news, one for each user group.
> Select a custom SINGLE view page for each those categories.
> Do sth. with those SINGLE view pages (access restriction).
> So you wouldn't have to use Access properties, but categories to select 
> which group can read the whole article.
> Steffen


this solution would be good if I had one LIST plugin for each category. 
But I only have one LIST plugin, with all news mixed and I only can use one page to redirect to SINGLE page inside the LIST plugin.
This SINGLE page I've created have access restriction as you mentioned.


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