[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch: compiling + installing search engine no /opt/ directory created?

grac grac at gmx.ch
Fri Feb 27 13:16:44 CET 2009


Giannis Economou wrote:
> The provider (having root access) should complile (and install) the 
> mnogosearch for you. If this is possible, you can ask the provider to do 
> the installation in /opt server directory. Having the installation in 
> /opt in not necessary, but it suits quite well as a tested and default 
> mnogosearch+typo3 place.
> The provider might also be tempted to install mnogosearch into the 
> server without compiling (but by using already existing mnogosearch 
> packages for the distro you are using), but I wouldn't suggest to go 
> with the packages, because from what I've seen until today mnogosearch 
> packaged installations do not place all mnogosearch files into one 
> directory (like /opt). It can work, but for me things were much simpler 
> by having mnogosearch into a single tree.
> Besides the above, you can also compile and install mnogosearch without 
> contacting your provider. The installation will go into a single 
> directory into your home directory (like ~/my_mnogosearch). To do this 
> you have to change some paths in the configuration/compilation/install 
> procedure.
> Have in mind that besides mnogosearch, you will also need the 
> mnogosearch extension for your php for having mnogosearch work in typo3. 
> This is something that your provider should take care (it needs root 
> access), if you don't have it already.
> Giannis Economou

thanks for your clear statement.

this means for me nothing more and nothing less than:
just forget mnogosearch for the moment.

because i know that my provider will never do this for me.
and i cannot change the provider just because the installation of
mnogosearch is so far beyond my possibilities.

which is very sad.

i fighted for days with the so odious EXT indexed_search and the
even more hateful EXT crawler, both of them seeming to be a piece of 
unfinished code work, not to talk about the almost insane and 
non-explicit manuals...

therefore i have to stick with those two idiotic EXT until mngosearch 
offers an easier way to be installed.

thanks anyway

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