[TYPO3-english] https_enforcer - shared hosting - cooluri - realurl

Roman rb at synac.com
Thu Feb 26 07:36:21 CET 2009

Good morning group,

I need secure access to just one page. On the t3 installation (version 
4.1.7) several domains (each one for one customer) are maintained. Now 
just for one domain on one page https access is needed. I tried to set 
it up with https_enforcer and cooluri one tried it with https_enforcer 
and realurl. In both and cases all kind of .htaccess configurations and 
domain record setups in the root page the problem persists.

The Problem:
A secure page can be called by referencing it through index.php?id=140 
but when the speaking url is used the page isn't found.

This doesn't works (Forbidden: You don't have permission...):

This one works:

When the path from the speaking url is created physicaly the directory 
can be accessed. Like this:

It looks like the httaccess placed in 'secure43.tophost.ch/~synweb14/' 
is ignored. Does anybody have similar experiance and what needs to be 
done that the speaking url on a shared host is beeing handled correctly 
by the htaccess?

Thank you very much for any input,


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