[TYPO3-english] Fork of Typo3 ?

Artemy Nikolsky artemy.nikolsky at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 13:05:53 CET 2009

"Erik Svendsen" <erik at linnearad.no> ???????/???????? ? ???????? ?????????: 
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> Hello Xavier,
>> Now try... ... ... Moss (I wrote it!) and perhaps you'll understand
>> what huge hardware means even for really small install and reall low
>> demand ;-)
>> One contribution a day keeps the fork away
> And of course you don't have all the "small" tools which help you to run 
> big sites with cheaper hardware.
> But people with heavy load sites and not so heavy hardware should look at 
> Varnish, http://varnish.projects.linpro.no/. One publishing house in 
> Norway with 10 different sites are reducing the number of servers from 14 
> to 2. Two of the largest newssites in Scandinavia, vg.no and 
> aftonbladet.se (some others too) are using this reverse proxy/webcache.
> And of course it's open source.

Thanks for the link. I will test it
Look NGINX http://wiki.codemongers.com/Main it has many interesting modules

> WBR,
> Erik Svendsen
> www.linnearad.no

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