[TYPO3-english] RealURL and domain "container"

La Farge Douglas doug at gcnpublishing.com
Mon Feb 23 21:02:13 CET 2009

On Feb 23, 2009, at 11:37 AM, Steffen Gebert wrote:

> La Farge Douglas wrote:
>> When I enact the domain container for each site RealURL (or  
>> something)
>> breaks.  I'm assuming it's RealURL because when I turn RealURL off  
>> the
>> following setup works as I would hope.
> Did you follow all the steps described in the realurl manual (set up  
> domain
> records and recreate realurl_autoconf.php if you use this, otherwise  
> you
> have to write correct configuration yourself).

Nope.  I used a site that was already set up with realurl and since it  
was working didn't think a further config would be required.  I've now  
read through the manual on how to set this up and don't really get it.  
The manual states I need static_tables installed - I'm assuming it  
means static_info_tables since the former doesn't appear to exist. The  
manual also states that if i delete realurl_autoconf.php that realurl  
will regenerated.  I have a file called realurl_conf.php and am again  
assuming the manual means that.  However if I delete it (I'm renaming  
it) it doesn't get auto generated.   After reading through the domain  
config it's not clear to me where that gets added to then be auto  
generated into the realurl_conf.php (??) file.

So I think I'll just do this using conditionals as I know I can make  
that work.

thanks for the tips.

> Also don't understand what your containers should be..

not sure what you meant.


> Steffen
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