[TYPO3-english] Fork of Typo3 ?

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Mon Feb 23 19:04:22 CET 2009


>> I spoke about such sheme:
>> typo3 <==> memcatch <==> webserver
> This sounds like a memcached version of nc_staticfilecache.
> Weather you use proxy servers or cache to file/memcache, use more servers for 
> DB etc.. there's always need for optimization in such environments, but this 
> applies not only for TYPO3 - this would be the same for other CMSs/software.

There was a point though in what said Artemy. Namely that for "common" 
use, one uses only a few percents of what TYPO3 may do. And the rest of 
code is a memory/cpu consumer, ...

I guess the problem is the same with any software you develop and that 
is not targeted at a special usage. Artemy said that it would be great 
to "compile" TYPO3 according to our needs, a bit like the Linux kernel. 
But this is already partly possible, you may remove/add backend and 
frontend modules. In fact, the "core" of TYPO3 is like a kernel with 
lots of built-in modules, yes it is! But there's not so many 
alternatives, provide enough ram, cpu and for short hardware and TYPO3 
will be your friend even with high loads.

If you need really more, then you'll have to tweak it a bit like a Linux 
kernel... Remove the well-known underlying library that does it job well 
but is not quick enough for you and replace it with some 
really-dedicated code you wrote. It's up to you but one cannot expect a 
CMS to be quick and "light" in all respects when having to deal with 
unknown situations that differ from install to install.

Now try... ... ... Moss (I wrote it!) and perhaps you'll understand what 
huge hardware means even for really small install and reall low demand ;-)

Xavier Perseguers

One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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