[TYPO3-english] Style the default login box

Steffen Gebert steffen at steffen-gebert.de
Sun Feb 22 11:26:13 CET 2009

Marco Couperus wrote:
> I'm trying to change the width of the felogin password input area. I
> checked out the sysext felogin directory and found a beautiful template.
> However, when I apply some css there my felogin does not change.. Checking
> the
> browser source I get all these csc*   label and stuff assigned as the id,
> class.

Hi Marco,

did you also add those styles the CSS file which is referenced in TYPO3 
output? Styles of the felogin-template aren't incorporated.

I don't know the size-attribute in CSS. Are you sure, this is valid? Also it 
doesn't make sense for me in conjunction with width.

I did the same yesterday and had no problems with these commands:
> .tx-felogin-pi1 label {
> float:left;
> padding-right:10px;
> text-align:right;
> width:120px;
> }


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