[TYPO3-english] Fork of Typo3 ?

Konstantin typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de
Fri Feb 20 18:41:02 CET 2009

Ok, so - i'll rewrite xml2array() and may be 1-2 functions. Think then it'll 
be clear.

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> Removing all mentions of TYPO3 from the code and design doesn't make it a 
> brand new CMS. It's clearly obvious that the bulk of the code is still 
> from TYPO3 core, and as such it violates GPL.
> Design is not the problem - but its something that gives it away.
> Dan Osipov
> Calkins Media
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> Konstantin wrote:
>> Yes, as i supposed main problem - design. Okey, it'll be changed, think 
>> color gamut to change, css.. etc
>> About rendering process. I use MVC, not any Typo3 feature. So besides 
>> constant there are no any remarks of code. Ok.
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>>> Hi,
>>>> Konstantin wrote:
>>>>> sorry, not agree
>>>>> please, look in code and you'll see that Telenok - very origunal CMS
>>>>> without using any core idea of Typo3 and code.
>>>> Yeeeeeees, just search for the "TYPO3" in the code and you will see.
>>>> You are a liar.
>>> I did not look your code very deeply but you cannot say that you did not 
>>> use any core idea of TYPO3 and code. Others showed that you made copy 
>>> paste of the design, of CSS, ... and lot's of your code is using 
>>> concepts of TYPO3, the name of the constants, the tests to determine 
>>> rendering mode (BE or FE), ...
>>> It's OK to try to code your own CMS but do it from scratch. And stick to 
>>> the license model specified by the code you use. It's not a challenge to 
>>> steal other's work and simply remove what you don't need, rename a few 
>>> variables and then claim that you did it yourself.
>>> I had a teacher years ago that pretended to have developped a treeview 
>>> in JS (that was the "beginning" of those stuff). A few months later I 
>>> saw this code in a magazine, and I can assure you that the article was 
>>> not from him!
>>> It was fun to code your CMS? Great! Now if you wish to use it without 
>>> having to fear to be prosecuted, you have to choose either to use TYPO3 
>>> or to remove any reference to TYPO3, do not use its design, make your 
>>> own way in the rendering process or to change your license model as 
>>> shareware is not compatible with GPLv2.
>>> BTW I cannot understand how you may hope selling your CMS to any 
>>> company, but that's another story...
>>> -- 
>>> Xavier Perseguers
>>> http://xavier.perseguers.ch/en
>>> One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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