[TYPO3-english] Fork of Typo3 ?

Konstantin typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de
Fri Feb 20 05:43:08 CET 2009

Yes, it's own CMS. There are no code from Typo3. Only BE design.

Also you can download source. I asked becouse dont want to have any problems
in future.

"Andreas Becker" <ab.becker at web.de> сообщил/сообщила в новостях следующее:
news:mailman.43805.1235103504.2904.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> Hi Pilot = Please use a real Name Konstantin V Kiselevich
> It is not really funny what you are presenting here. And it is even less
> funny that you don't tell that you developed obviously this system as the
> domains belong to you! It would be much nicer if you would integrate your
> features into TYPO3 instead of trying to make people think you are
> developing an OWN CMS and even remove the TYPO3 typical Banner from Source
> Code of the Website!
>   1. Website Looks like TYPO3.com /.org
>   2. TELENOK.ORG is main resource of open-source TELENOK CMS under special
>   shareware licence.
>   >>> is this possible such a license Model?
>   3.
>   You can:
>   - free download and develop site only for yourself
>   - for company you should buy licence with one year support..
>    In current version year of support cost 450$
>   4. No green Banner in Template (but this is not a legal problem as the
>   banner needs to be in the sourcecode as far as I know - perhaps I am
> wrong)
>   5. The Backend seems to have some interesting features anyway. As they
>   are part of TYPO3 and depend on it it is also Open Source.
> Who has developed this Telenok?
> http://whois.net/whois_new.cgi?d=telenok&tld=com

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