[TYPO3-english] RTE in Flexform tries to relaod the browser in Firefox

StephenBungert stephenbungert at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 18 09:43:40 CET 2009

I have added two flexforms to tt_news so that I could add extra fields that
we needed for articles. Two of the fields on the flexform are textarea that
become rte.

Here is the relevant part of my flexform ds:


In firefox that page tries to reload itself endlessly when I edit the
article in the backend. If I close the article and re-open it everything is
fine, I see the content in the editors.

In other browsers this doesn't happen, but I have noticed that in IE7, there
are no scrollbars on the rte's and that the tag selector bit at the bottom
of the rte's is not there. Again if I close the article and open it again to
edit, everything is ok. The fields save the data correctly, use my toolbar
setup and images can be added too. They seem to be fully functional, and in
the FE I can see the content of these text fields when I add the new markers
to my tt_news template.

Why do I have these problems when I first load the article for editing? Have
I done something wrong with the flexform ds? Has anyone else seen this
behaviour, or know how I can fix it. I tried searching for other extensions
that add RTE's, especially in FlexForms but so far haven't found any, so I
have nothing to compare mine code to.

Thanks for any help.

Firbug displays endless errors when I first open the articles:
this._undoQueue[this._undoPos] has no properties
[Break on this error]  if (this._undoPos < 0 ||
this._undoQueue[this._undoPos].time < curTime - this.c...
rtehtmlarea_htmla... (line 1530)

Stephen Bungert
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