[TYPO3-english] cbrealurl and Segment "404" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected!

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Sat Feb 14 22:44:16 CET 2009


joydeep at infoservices.in wrote:
> realurl running at my site ( typo3 4.2.6). I am using inbuilt auto
> configuration of the realurl. The pages are generated like
> domainname/pagename  but I like to have domainname/pagename.html. That's
> why I have installed the cbrealurl which in my previous attempts worked
> like a charm. But this time the story is different :-(

If you use cbrealurl, you will have to disable autoconfiguration. cbrealurl is not compatible with realurl autoconfiguration.

Dmitry Dulepov
TYPO3 core team
"Sometimes they go bad. No one knows why" (Cameron, TSCC, "Dungeons&Dragons")

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