[TYPO3-english] pdf_generator2 - safari browser says the file is corrupt

Brian Bendtsen bb at bellevuevej.dk
Fri Feb 6 22:23:12 CET 2009

Jan Weitz skrev:
> Hi,
> how do your URL's look like?
> If it is still 'index.php' the pdf generator creates PDF Files, which
> are named 'index.php'.
> So Safari tries to open a php file, which is actually a pdf file. You
> have to rename the index.php file and add the '.pdf' extension.
> If you use REAL Url, the error will disappear.
> Greets,
> Jan
> Brian Bendtsen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Im using the pdf_generator2 ext. to turn html file into a pdf, it works
>> ok, but in safari, the pdf is not viewable. It says that:
>> "The file is damaged and could not be repaired."
>> Any hints?
>> /Brian

I am using realUrl, the link is pdf/print.pdf


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