[TYPO3-english] t3blog in TV - CEs show double - unlink element by default in TV?

Thomas Meixner tmeixner at avecstyle.ca
Thu Feb 5 16:16:30 CET 2009

I wouldn't have though of this workaround. For this installation I'm 
probably doing it your way, thanks a lot Thomas.

I still would like to find a simpler solution if possible for future 
installations which allows to include the extension via pi2 plugins only.

If I find the time I will look deeper what is the meaning of the "Widget 
Starting" Option. I already had a quick look yesterday, the PID assigned 
in the flexform arrives in the main() function but it doesn't seem to be 
passed on from there.

Thanks again,

Thomas Kieslich wrote:

> Hello
> You should make a copy of your Standardtemplate and change the maincontent
> part 

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