[TYPO3-english] different stylesheet when contentfield is empty

Stephan de Bruin stephan.de.bruin at dpdk.nl
Thu Feb 5 10:23:48 CET 2009

Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff schreef:
> Stephan de Bruin pisze:
>> Allright, that works for the banner, but now I've got another issue. 
>> I've placed all CE's which are placed on my pages through TS into the 
>> left column.
>> Now, when I place content into the middle column, the other CE´s are 
>> placed back into the middle column. How does this happen?
> I'm not sure if I understood your intension , sorry :/
> You shouldn't place CE's via TS since they're not some kind of "layout 
> element". When talking about 'banner placeholder' I assume that is just 
> that thing, cause you probably want to display it on (almost) all of the 
> pages. Normal CE's are placed per page, so you should place them by 
> standard method - in the backend form.
> At last you have to analize your template and check if there is no 
> mistake that i.e. you put something like styles.content.getLeft into 
> (for an example) NORMAL_COLUMN subpart.

The CE's I'm talking abaout are CE's that are placed on every page, 
that's why I placed them using TS.

What do I have to check in my template? I don't understand how to do 
what you are saying.

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