[TYPO3-english] realurl: good; me stupid.. whereis my css

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Thu Feb 5 09:26:02 CET 2009


piet roorda wrote:
>  ok realurl:
> my adresses looking kinda nice, but I cannot get my stylesheet from my
> fileadmin,
> and when I click on links of my not-styled menu, names dubble in the adresses.
> everything is ruled by .htaccess from the documentation... oink

I do not know what is "oink". Do you mind writing so that people do not have to decipher your messages? If you want answers, why don't you write clearly? Why don't you list your config and TS? Do you think there are telepaths here? :)

Dmitry Dulepov
TYPO3 core team
"Sometimes they go bad. No one knows why" (Cameron, TSCC, "Dungeons&Dragons")

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