[TYPO3-english] Custom module and permission problem.

Chaiyawut Keereeto aquamarine_verner at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 11:38:43 CET 2009


Thank you, Francois.

I've look into that and see what you told me.
I've try to use $BE_USER->modAccess($MCONF,1) instead but got an error.
Do you have any suggestion? I'll try another in the meantime though.

Sorry that I didn't follow the rule. :p


Francois Suter wrote:
> Hi,
>> I've built some modules. They works fine for Admin user.
>> But when I create BE users, they cannot access them properly.
>> They have permission to access the modules.
>> But if they click on the module, it will show blank page with module 
>> title.
>> It will show blank module page like this.
> Hmm, assuming you have created your modules with the Kickstarter, you 
> will have default access checks in the sample code produced by the 
> Kickstarter. Search for "access" in the index.php files of your modules. 
> Also make sure that you have given your BE users explicit permissions to 
> access these modules.
> And please follow the rules [1] and use your real name :-)

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