[TYPO3-english] Configure RealUrl to work like SimulateStaticDocument

edern.appere at unistra.fr edern.appere at unistra.fr
Mon Feb 2 22:39:58 CET 2009

I'm trying to figure out which tool I should use for the url-rewritting of the
website we are working on. We would like to have the shortest (but still
meaningfull) URL so we thought using only the page title in the URL would be
fine. SimulateStaticDocument does this but adds the page ID + language ID in the
URL which is annoying (especialy if you have to spell the URL on the phone ...).
On previous websites I've made I used realurl but as far as I know it is not
possible to skip the pagepath using realurl. 
Do you know if it's possible to configure realurl so that the pagepath does not
appear in the URL ?

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